Since 2006 he has worked independently in the audiovisual field, taking part in both artistic and commercial endeavors in Central America, Panama and the U.S. During the first years of his career he served as assistant camera in over 300 advertising projects, 15 documentaries and 10 feature films.  He went on to shoot several short films, music videos, web series and one feature length. In 2010 he shot “Imagina” which received the Best Video Creation Award at the XVIII Muestra de Cine & Video Costarricense and was an official selection at the Festival Ícaro 2011. He currently works as a full time cinematographer, while developing his graduation project at the Escuela de Cine & Televisión of Universidad Véritas.  


His training has benefitted from the experience he’s gained by working from a very young age, and the knowledge that academic life has brought to him through essays and film theory. He started working in the field at just the right time, since he’s been able to learn from the rigor and discipline of shooting in celluloid, as he saw the transition into video and digital film which brought a sense of democracy and freedom to the medium. This makes him a versatile worker who can easily adapt to different scopes and budgets.

Since he started working so young, he has been able to work in various positions in the field, and has learned about the needs of each department making him a key member when it comes to communication between departments. When Bolandi takes on a project, he wants to aid in delivering the central message. Beyond just his work with the camera, his commitment starts with the screenwriting and goes from pre-production, all the way to distribution. He is an ally till the end who yearns to become completely immersed in whatever he’s working in.